Charles A. (Chuck) Harper

Born:                February 16,1952
Died:                November 11, 1991

Turtle Years:   1983-1991
Section:            Baritone

A Turtle’s Tribute:

His friends put the following in the program for Fa La La, Christmas, December 1991:

In Memory of Charles A. Harper
February 16, 1952 – November 4, 1991

‘It is by your leaving that I know a special kind of peace. I pray in whispers believing that when time comes to meet me, it will be easier to say good-bye, just knowing there are friends like you, waiting, on the other side. – Jennifer Keen

Friends of Chuck Harper would like to wish the Chorale and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

A Turtle’s History

Charles A. (Chuck) Haprer was born February 16, 1952 and died November 4, 1991.

Chuck Harper first performed with the Chorale in “STAGESTRUCK!” in March, 1983 at Caruth Auditorium, Southern Methodist University. He sang with the Chorale through June 1991. During that time he was featured in several productions as follows:

JUBILATE! – December 1985 – sang “Estampie Natalis” as part of an Octet

SPOTLIGHT ‘87 – April 1987 – sang “The Spider and the Fly” and “Life Is Like A Train” as part of Trios; sang the “Invocation and Instructions to The Audience” as part of a Quartet; sang a Noel Coward Medley as a Duet of Auntie Jessie & Mrs. Worthington and sang “Hymn to Him” as part of an Octet

CHRISTMAS – WRAP IT UP – December 1987 – sang “Sleigh Ride” as part of a Quartet

SPOTLIGHT ‘88 – August 1988 – sang as a member of the Cast in “Gee, But It’s Great to be Here”, “A Tribute to George & Ira Gershwin”, “On Broadway”, “Music Hall”, “Return of The Flower Children” and “Finale Medley”

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