Charley Miller

Born:                Nov. 29, 1953
Died:                Sept. 15,  1984

Turtle Years:   1981-1984
Section:            Tenor I

A Turtle’s Tribute:

A Turtle’s History

Charley first performed with the Chorale in “SHOWTIME” in July 1981 at Caruth Auditorium, Southern Methodist University. He sang with the Chorale through June 1984. During that time he was featured in the following productions:

SHOWTIME ‘81 – July 1981 – sang “Tomorrow Belongs To Me” from Caberet as part of a Quartet

THE MUSIC OF AMERICA – July 1982 – sang a Texas Medley in a Septet and sang “I’ve Got Rhythm” as a member of the Showstoppers

WINTERSONG – December 1982 – sang “Cantata 142 – Un ist ein Kind geboren – Air” as a solo

SING GLORIA! – November 1983 – sang “Satin Doll”, “Java Jive”, “Dream”, “Georgia On My Mind” and “Save the Bones for Henry Jones” as a member of the Turtle Creek Jazz

SING WE NOWELL – December 1983 – sang “The Three Kings” as a part of a sextet

OF THEE WE SING – June 1984 – sang “Credo” as a Duet sang “Agnus Dei” as a solo.

He was the first AIDS related death for the TCC, or, possibly the first acknowledged AIDS death.

Charley passed away on August 1, 1984.

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