Connor Naffziger

Born:     November 13, 1992

Died:     November 30,2016

Joined:  Aug 2013

Section: Tenor 2

A Turtle’s Tribute:

In Connor’s Own words:


I’m Connor. I’m a wonderful guy whose been blessed with a wonderful family and friends. I love animals and music. I also enjoy cars and sports. Everyone who knows me says the first thing that stands out about me to them is my personality and my giving spirit. I love people and making people happy. I’m very responsible and mature yet naive and kiddish at times. I love to have fun but I do it responsibly do drugs nor smoke. I’m from California which I miss very much but I am very happy living here in Texas. I’m outspoken and sometimes blunt. I look at this as a good thing because my policy is honesty. I will never mislead you or lie to you. I’m always straight up and honest and I call it like I see it whether it be good or bad. I love to sing and listen to music when I’m not working and I also enjoy playing piano when I can find one because I don’t own one ironically haha. I’m an upbeat guy who treasurers life and all of its pleasures it has to offer me. I’m a great friend and someone you won’t ever forget once you meet.


Love is an inseperable bond that can weather the strongest storms and in the end come out unscaved while shining brighter than ever before -Me

when life gives you lemons, make lemonade

do unto others as others would do unto you

live every day as if its your last

lifes a dance, you learn as you go

life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get

A Turtle’s History

Conner joined in 2013 and was part of the Tenor 2s.

Conner never performed on stage.

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