Corianna Kai Seelig-Gustafson

Born:                February 27,1977
Died:                 October 18,2018

Turtle Years:   1987-2018
Part of our extended Turtle family

A Turtle’s Tribute:

Corianna Kai Seelig-Gustafson was the daughter of Dr. Timothy Seelig, the long term 4th director of the Turtle Creek Chorale.  She was married to Clay Gustafson and the mother of Clara Skye Gustafson.

Professionally she devoted herself to pediatric oncology nursing. She and her family were residents of San Francisco, having moved there from Texas.

In the words of her father: “Corianna arrived at TCC as an awkward 10 year old. The men loved her unconditionally. Former member Bob Stephens did her hair. Robert Emery did it after Bob died. Others helped choose her clothes…they held her close until the last moment. She showed up on stage the night I announced my retirement- 20 years later. She grew up in their loving arms.”

A Turtle’s History

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  1. Robert Emery
    Robert Emery says:

    Tim, I remember when you and the kids stayed in my empty condo while they were visiting you for the summer (the law required them to stay under their own roof, separate from Louis…insert “eye roll” emoji here). We DID share in their upbringing, and they are an important part of our TCC lives.

  2. Scott Adams
    Scott Adams says:

    I remember the way I felt after learning that Corianna was going to be able to attend the Turtle Creek Chorale’s 30th anniversary celebration with Tim at the helm. She and I had correspondence on Facebook and I could not wait to see her. I was walking through the back entrance of the venue and of course like Tim’s voice you knew when you heard her she was close by. I walked down a long hall made a sharp right and there she was. I said Corianna, and her arms immediately opened wide and grabbed me with a huge hug and a brilliant smile on her face! What an incredible memory to have of another person.

  3. Allen Nakagawa
    Allen Nakagawa says:

    08/10/2020 I just found out she passed from her husband. We worked together at times at the hospital. She was awesome to work with. Knowledgeable, a patient’s advocate, great sense of humor, team player & a citizen’s role model. We resided on the same block too. I will miss her & her loving spirit.


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