David T. Ford

Born:                February 15, 1961
Died:                December 14,2001

Turtle Years:   1992-2000
Section:            Baritone

A Turtle’s Tribute:

David was born in Arlington, Texas on February 15, 1961. He was employed by Sprint Communications in a Managerial position.

Some of you may remember him as his alter ego Sequinivir. As a member of the TCC AIDS Fund committee, he was involved in the planning and presenting the annual Miss Big Thicket Pageant (he was runner up three years in a row) as a fund raiser for the TCC AIDS Fund.

One of the highlights of his “Career” in the Chorale was being a member of European Tour in 1995. During this tour, the Chorale performed in Barcelona, Spain, Berlin, Germany and Prague in the Czech Republic. I met David in Barcelona during that tour. He became my closest friend. We not only sang together; but we laughed together; we cried together, we dreamed together, and we feared together…he is my Guardian Angel; an I can feel him looking over me.

David once told me: “whoever we are, men or women, that is enough. If you can teach, teach; if you can write laws, or in our case, songs, or letters to the Editor, then by all means, write. March if you can…and we did. Heal if you can. Pray if you can. If knowing the agony of this disease, all you can do is grieve, then grieve. Stand in public and sob until someone asks you why and tell them.” I had much to learn from him…and learn from him I did. His words will always with me.

At the time of his death, David was survived by his Father and Stepmother; Bill & Janette Ford; sister and husband; Steve & Sherrie Hammond; nieces; Heather & Tricia Hammond; Stepbrothers; John, Rick & Bill Vehon.

David is interred at the Moore Memorial Gardens in Arlington, Texas.

A Turtle’s History

David was a member of the Chorale from 1992 through 2000. He first performed with the Chorale in “OOH LA LA! and SHA NA NA!” in March, 1992 at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center. During his time with the Chorale David was featured in several productions as follows:

THE WIZARD OF OZ – October 1993 – played the part of a Munchkin

BLAST FROM THE PAST & BEST FROM THE FUTURE – December 1994 – played the Tuba in the Sugar Plum Jam Band

ON OUR OWN – October 1996 – sang “Dance On Your Grave” as a solo

SIMPLY CHRISTMAS THROUGH THE EYES OF A CHILD – December 1996 – played the tuba in the Sugar Plum Band and was a Fairy in the Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairies

THE WIZARD OF OZ – March 1997 – played the part of a Lullabye League Tot Munchkin

GRAMMY! A ROCKIN’ CELEBRATION – December 1997 – played the Tuba in the Sugar Plum Band

During this time he worked on several committees, to include the Travel Committee and the TCC AIDS Fund committee. He performed in many retreat productions as a ‘back up girl’.

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