Dwight Kilgore

Born:                July 23,1953
Died:                January, 23 1995

Turtle Years:   1984
Section:            Baritone

A Turtle’s Tribute:

Dwight was born in Dallas on July 23, 1953. He attended Hillcrest High School and graduated from Woodrow Wilson.

Dwight first performed with the Chorale in “TUX DELUX” in October 1984 at Caruth Auditorium, Southern Methodist University. He sang with the Chorale through December 1984.

From a long time friend – received via E-Mail on July 12, 2006:

Yes, I knew Dwight very, very well….he was my best friend….I knew him since birth, he was 3 years old when I was born….our parents were best friends through our church…ROSS AVENUE BAPTIST CHURCH…our moms sat with us on the next to last pew (rear of the sanctuary) while we were young. Devida Kilgore always wore furs and had her hair done weekly at the beauty shop…his dad, Leon Kilgore was a barber and ran the UNIVERSITY BARBERS….directly across from SMU, next to the clothing store. My older sister was 6 years older than me, Dwight was 3 years older and his older brother, John was 1 year older than my sister. Dwight was my best friend till the hour he passed…I never went 1 day without talking to him on the phone or in person.

I will never forget him and I miss him desperately. I was always accused of making him Gay as I forced him to play Barbie dolls with me. He would wear my shorts on Sunday after church….we would beg to be together till evening service. We could never play in our church clothes, so ergo my shorts would be provided.

We went to Ross (church) until teenagers when he went to 1st Baptist Church and toured Japan with the choir for 6 weeks. We changed churches then to East Grand Baptist Church. I could do anything as long as Dwight went with me, otherwise I would not be allowed out of my house as my folks were really strict…everyone’s parent trusted their daughters with Dwight….

We went to college together at ETSU (Commerce, Texas). He was a cheerleader and a KA (Kappa Alpha).

He sold me my 1st house when I graduated in 1978. He was in my wedding. He was my best, best friend…I loved him always…

Dwight and I could talk about it all and we did. We could spend every hour just enjoying being with each other. We never cared that we were not of the same sexual persuasion. As a matter of fact, I never cared, even when everybody else abandoned him.

He lost his father at 14 and his mom at 21…it devastated him…why can’t he still be with me…

Oh, I will have to continue later…I have wonderful photos….wonderful memories…

Only the good die young…..

Love you, Dwight

From a friend in an e-mail on April 12, 2007:

Dwight and I became roommates for a couple of semesters. Gosh, I guess he was the cleanest, neatest man I ever knew. And a very stylish dresser too. I remember he used to work weekends and holidays at Sanger Harris in Dallas selling clothes. This guy loved to clean –he would practically have an orgasm polishing his furniture from his mother’s house. We had the best furnished apartment of any of our friends because Dwight inherited most of his Mom’s furniture. He was also a pretty good cook.

Although he didn’t come out of the closet (remember, this was the early 70’s) I had strong suspicions that Dwight was gay. Homophobia was the norm back then and Dwight had to stay deep in the closet. He always had a date to KA functions and even bragged about some of his female sexual encounters. Dwight’s feminine ways were, to say the least, off-putting to some of his frat brothers. I overlooked these traits and tried to focus on his good and caring side. Boy, he could be a prissy bitch sometimes! But there was something vulnerable about Dwight that could never make me stay mad at him for very long. Dwight had a good heart that you just don’t find everyday.

I lost contact with Dwight in 1979. That is when I last saw him. My ex and I had him over for dinner. I remember Dwight asking how my mother was doing and that I should see her as often as possible because “You just never know.” Over the years I have thought about Dwight often. I’d like to know what happened to Dwight, what he did for a living—anything about him at all. I don’t know who LCD is, but if she would email me about Dwight it would be much appreciated (maybe I know this person). Warren Fowler

Dwight died on January 23, 1995.

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