Gary Youngblood

Born:                April 3,1959
Died:                November 2,2011

Turtle Years:   2003 – 2011
Section:            Non-Singing Volunteer

A Turtle’s Tribute:

After graduting from Bryan Adams High School, Gary attended Texas Tech for one year. He joined US Navy to pursue Nuclear Power Training with focus in Electrical Field.

Navy slotted him for Mechanical Field training. He was very uncomfortable performing mechanical duties and left the Navy.

He joined EDS as a delivery driver around the DFW metroplex; Gained access to Computer Operations Training Program and soon thereafter was promoted to management. Continued in various Computer Operations management positions at 3 more companies before retiring in 2003.

Gary owned a duplex that was built @1927 where remodeling never seemed to end . . . His landscaping philosophy is if it will grow with minimal water then it can stay. If it lived through summer of 2011, it can stay!

He had a big heart and like to talk. He believed in equality to all, in all aspects of life. He thought, “IF ya can’t be honest with a friend and those you encounter, then find someone you can lie to…”

A note on World AIDS Day 2011 (30th Anniversary Year)

From a Turtle Creek Chorale member for Gary.

You will be missed so very much. Thank you for our friendship, and for your dedication to the TCC.

They are our dream chasers
Reaching high towards the sky
Always believing they can make it happen
Never saying nigh.
They help us climb tall mountains
Navigating the compass along the way
Taking us to new and exciting places
Never leading us astray.
They help us build strong communities
Wrapping families in their arms
Seeing the many opportunities
Forever working hard.
They number many these volunteers
They have given so much to us
How do we show our gratitude?
Thanks…just doesn’t seem enough.

This Turtle Sponsored by: Turtle Creek Chorale

A Turtle’s History

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