Gene Dolphus

Born:                December 12,1963
Died:                October 17, 2014

Turtle Years:  1992-2014

Section:           Tenor 1

A Turtle’s Tribute:

In his own words:

Who: Gene Dolphus
Current age: 40
Age when you joined the Chorale: 28
Occupation: Medical underwriter
First time you sang with the Chorale: August 1992
First Song you learned: A very difficult song in Hebrew that I thought I
would never learn — “Chichester Psalms.” Dr. Seelig wanted us to do it from
memory and I thought there’s now way. But I stuck with it and grew to enjoy
singing it.

How did you spend Thanksgiving in 1980? With my grandparents in

What was a typical gift you gave to a family member in 1980? I was a sophomore in high school, so the best figt would have been jewelry that I
gave to my mother.

What’s on your wish list this year? To be accepted for who I am.
Best gift you received in 1980: A pair of Calvin Klein jeans, from my lover.
What do you want to receive this year: I’ve really never asked for anything. I would ask that we, as a family and as individuals, continue to support our brothers and sisters that are less fortunate.
Favorite modern Christmas carol: “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”
Most welcome change at the Chorale over the years: Having our holiday
performances broadcast on Channel 8.

Fondest memory with the Chorale: During our annual retreat at Lake Texoma, we gather outside and watch a firework display set to a TCC
recording to honor and remember members no longer with us.

Gene Dolphus passed away earlier this evening after a long and courageous battle with cancer. No details are known at this time but we will inform you as soon as they are. Gene was a former Chorale president and board member and also served on the GALA board for many years. He has been a BRAVE fighter for a long time. He will be sorely missed. Godspeed to Gene, his family and many friends.

A Turtle’s History

He and other ENCORE! members sponsored “Middle Child” and “CaffeinePolka” in the FABULOUS FAVORITES concert in June 2007 with the following dedication: From the men of ENCORE!, We dedicate these songs to Tim Seelig and our TCC Brothers who support us as we push beyond ourselves for the purpose of changing hearts and minds through our united voices in song. In memory of Ric Huett.

He and other Board Members sponsored “This Day” in the A FOND FAREWELL concert in July 2007

Received the “Board Chair Award” at the awards ceremony on July 16, 2006

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