George Robert “Jake” Jacobs

Born:                March 28, 1949 
Died:                January 19, 2019

Turtle Years:   1980 – 2000 , 2007-2010
Section:            Baritone/Bass

A Turtle’s Tribute:

A Turtle’s History

George Robert “Jake” Jacobs

March 28, 1949 Detroit, MI – January 19, 2019 (Denver, CO)

 Jake, as he was always called by his friends in the TCC, joined the Turtle  Creek Chorale for its first complete season in August 1980, having moved to Dallas from Detroit, MI in 1978 to work as a programmer for Texas Instruments. He was a graduate of both the Detroit High School for the Performing Arts and Michigan State University. He was first placed as a tenor II, but was moved to the baritone section for the rest of that season. Later, Jake moved again to the bass section. Jake sang without a break until the end of the 21st season, in the concert “Opposites Attract” in June of 2001. Jake returned in April 2008 to perform in “On The Air” in June  2008. He then went on to sing eight of the next nine concerts for a career total of 100 concerts. His final performance was in “Figaro! A Night at the Opera” in March 2010. Jake became a Life Member in 20th season. He was one of the original Terrapins as well.

Jake was the first member to serve as president for three consecutive terms for the 4th -6th seasons as well as board chair during those same three seasons. In the 1st and 5th seasons he served on both the Advertising and Publicity Committees.

While Jake could sing almost anything – his featured and solo roles ranged from Bach, Copeland, and Orff to Cole Porter, Webber/Rice, and Noel Coward — Jake seemed most at home with Broadway musicals.  His first solo, in 1981, was the “Kiss Me, Kate” number, “Another Op’nin’, Another Show.” His last featured performance was in the concert “A Night on Broadway,” in June 1991 when he sang, coincidentally,  an arrangement of the same song called “A Broadway Opening.”

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