Heland (Alan) Lee

Born:                 May 13, 1970
Died:                 January 23,2019

Turtle Years:   1995-1997
Section:            Tenor 1

A Turtle’s History

Heland (Alan) Lee, born in the City of Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago in 1970, joined the Turtle Creek Chorale as a tenor 1 in January 1995.

His first performance was in “Birthday & Bon Voyage” in March 1995. The following December in “Holiday of the Future,” he had two feature roles as a member of ENCORE!, in “Santa-Ma-Jazz” and in “Christmas Fits.”  His 12th and final performance with TCC was in “Grammy! A Rockin’ Celebration,” in Dec 1997.

Sometime after that , he left for New York to pursue career opportunities which had begun in 1987 with a TV series “Unsolved Mysteries”.  For the next 20 years, Heland worked as an actor, screenwriter, a film producer and a film director.  One of his last roles was in 2013 in the TV  series “The Blacklist”

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