Jack Gramlich

Born:                 August 23,1950
Died:                 February 02,2008

Turtle Years:   1999 – 2004
Section:            Tenor II / Tenor I

A Turtle’s Tribute:

Jack was very active as a member of the TCC. Not only was he the Tenor II Musical Section Leader during the 24th Season, he participated in the Regular Chorus, Chamber Chorus and Vox Tortoise.

In March 2004, Jack was a Featured Member on the Chorale’s website.

FEATURED MEMBER – March 2004 – Jack Gramlich

Jack Gramlich grew up with music being a very significant part of his life throughout high school, college and church involvement. After having taught music in the public school system and being involved with church, community and professional choirs, his career path detoured away from music, unfortunately precluding him from continuing with his musical pursuits.

He arrived in Dallas due to a job transfer and heard the chorale for the first time in 1991, immediately recognizing and appreciating the exquisite artistry associated with the TCC. Jack said: “I realized how much I missed music being a part of my life. After hearing those first concerts I developed feelings reminiscent of my college days when I was totally absorbed with music and of the personal fulfillment I experienced whether performing on campus or in the cathedrals of Europe. I knew that this was a family I wanted to be a part of someday.”

That day came in January 1999 when Jack auditioned and became a member of the chorale.

When asked what his most memorable event has been since joining the Chorale, Jack actually shared two. First, in the summer of 2003, he invited a chorale ensemble to sing at the worship service of the church where Jack serves as the music director. The men not only accepted, but also were genuinely eager to do this. The warmth of and acceptance by the congregation was apparent as they were awed by the beauty of the sound and message. Jack beams with pride having been given the opportunity for them to perform the special service music that Sunday. An immediate bond was established between his church and the TCC.

Another memorable occasion was the summer of 2002 when the Chorale was invited to sing at the Texas Music Educators Association convention in San Antonio. Jack recalls, “Singing in front of a ballroom full of music educators, we observed those who might be inclined to be our toughest critics from a technical perspective, becoming totally captivated by our performance. They would not let us leave until they literally grabbed us by the arm, hugged us and expressed their gratitude and admiration for what we had shared with them that afternoon.”

Over the years, Jack has been involved in helping with the annual Antiques to Zebras auction, the Chorale’s largest fundraiser. He has served on the committee that instituted the “Partners in Harmony” program with local area churches who share the vision of affirming the dignity of all individuals. He has also enjoyed working with the Chorale office staff by helping out with various projects with which occasionally some extra assistance is required.

Asked what he might share with a new Member, Jack says: “Upon first joining the chorale, the opportunity to join the smaller ensembles or to serve on any of the various committees can be overwhelming. Do not try to take on too much at first, at least not until you have become comfortable with the whole Chorale experience. There is something for everyone. Get involved by using your particular personal interests, skills and experiences in deciding how you may best serve in this capacity. Do not hesitate to ask questions about anything from musical to nonmusical issues. Veteran members and section leaders as well as the officers are ready to assist in resolving any issues.”

Outside of chorale, Jack stays busy as the Director of Music at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Dallas. There, he works with an adult choir, a men’s ensemble and an elementary age choir and thankfully, he has established a gratifying and fulfilling relationship with this family of faith. Closer to home, Jack always looks forward to spring and summer to pursue his hobby of gardening.

Jack has been given the opportunity to fill that musical void in his life that existed for many years. He summed it all up nicely by saying, “I am elated to be singing again with this renowned ensemble and sharing the vision of touching and uplifting the human spirit through the emotional power of music that is the essence of the Turtle Creek Chorale.”

A Turtle’s History

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