Jed Albert Pare

Born:                April 12,1957
Died:                October 28,2004

Turtle Years:   1999 – 2000
Section:            Bass

A Turtle’s Tribute:

Jed A Para, a member of the Turtle Creek Chorale during the 20th season (1999 – 2000) died at his home in Dallas on October 28, 2004. Jed was born April 12, 1957 in Jacksonville, Florida and had lived in the Dallas area for the past 16 years.

He graduated from theology school in Jacksonville, and was a self-taught artist and craftsman who enjoyed creating painting, sculpture and crafts. He was also was a former pastor of a community church in Jacksonville.

He worked as an arts and crafts instructor for the Daire Center at Oak Lawn Community Services and at AIDS Interfaith Network from 1998 to 2002, and was greatly appreciated and admired by the clients there. He was a volunteer with AIDS Arms and AIDS Services of Dallas, and he was House Council president of AIDS Services’ Revlon House.

Pare is survived by his sister and brother-in-law, Mildred P. and Jack Shletman of Greenville, his brother Robert Henry Pare Sr, of Jacksonville, Florida, his friends and colleagues, John and Sandra Hitz of Plano and friends, Bob and Marianne Cline of Dallas.

Services were held November 2, 2004 at Lincoln Park Memorial Cemetery in Pleasant Grove.

A Turtle’s History

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