Jeff Hinkle-Dubois

Born:                 November 24,1964
Died:                 November 18, 1997

Turtle Years:   1990
Section:            Tenor I

A Turtle’s Tribute:

From Jennifer Hinkle:

Hi, I was searching the web and noticed your page. I am Jeff’s sister and would love to share information with you. I have a few pictures and can scan almost anything.

As for stories…there are so many. Jeff still is with me in spirit. I don’t have the talent that he does; however, I’m living a promise I made to him. I was always afraid to sing in fear that I would shatter glass or something. Any how, I made a promise that I would try a skill that involved music somehow.

Recently, I remembered my statement and have started to play the guitar. I’m not to good…but, continue to practice! Thank you for remembering my brother.


From Julie Stevens –

Hi, I fell in love with Jeff and Jeff’s spirit in the time his sister Jennifer and I spent together. Jeff and I spent many times visiting on the phone. The love in Jeff was so great that it overflowed his heart to all his inner being. I don’t know anyone who could have know Jeff that could ever walk away and not be a changed person.

Jeff’s best features were the same feature’s that made me fall in love with his sister Jennifer. She is still carrying on with what Jeff had to leave behind. He is always so clearly present with Jennifer, holding her when times are hard and rejoicing with her when she fullfilled her dream and competed in the Gay Olympics and received several gold. I am so glad that you have taken the time to post things like this. I will look forward to continue to following your listing. Thank you for always remembering Jeff Hinkle-Dubois and all the other’s that have gone before us.

Jeff passed away on November 18, 1997.

A Turtle’s History

Jeff first performed with the Chorale in “FROM THE HEART” in May 1990 at the Majestic Theatre, Dallas, Texas.

Although Jeff sang with the Chorale for a brief time, he was a loyal supporter for his remaining time on earth.

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