Jim (Liss) Romanoff

Born:                March 27, 1956
Died:                 July 11,2007

Turtle Years:   2003 – 2007
Section:            Bass

A Turtle’s Tribute:

A Turtle’s History

Jim Liss first joined the Turtle Creek Chorale in Sept. 1987. His first concert was also Dr. Tim Seelig’s first concert “Hello, Dallas” in October 1987. He sang every subsequent concert for the next five years except for two, but his “fina”l performance was at the GALA convention in Denver in July 1992. 

Jim rejoined the Chorale in December 2003, eleven years later, as Jim Romanoff, again as  a member of the bass section but with a new surname to complement his new career as a creator of Russian Easter eggs. His next performance with the TCC was in the concert “Classical Serenade” in March 2004.

His last performance was in the “A Fond Farewell” concert in July 2007, ironically Dr. Tim Seelig’s final concert with the TCC.

Jim was a member of the Ballerhino troupe which performed to “Tromp of the Sugar Plumb Fairies” in the December 2004 Christmas program “Festive Flashbacks.”

During the 25th season he served on the Historian Committee and the Travel Committee.

Jim died on July 11, 2007, two days after singing what was his final concert.

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