Ken McLemore

Born:                September 27,1953
Died:                February 10,1996

Turtle Years:   1989-1991 & 1994-1995
Section:            Bass

A Turtle’s Tribute:

Ken, Mike Dalessandro (his spouse), David Bassett (my spouse) and I (Randy Culbreth) met on a trip to Mexico. David and I saw these two guys in the airport terminal who were at our gate and we decided they had to be gay.

They ended up having seats right behind ours…and ended up staying in our same hotel! We ran into them in our hotel lobby. The four of us ended up spending the entire weekend together in Mexico and were inseparable from that point on.

It was like the gay version of Fred and Ethel, Lucy and Ricky. David and I were always over at their place or they at ours. We all went through too many good times together to mention. Ken has his love of Rolls Royce and Bentleys.

I remember once Ken and Mike called us and said we’re coming by to pick y’all up and go riding. We went riding in a Turbo charged Bentley…and of course anyone we saw we knew, we made sure saw us. I honestly don’t know of any other two couples who were as close as the four of us.

When David passed away, they were the first people I called. The foursome was now three. Ken and Mike told me they were taking me on a trip. I couldn’t afford anything at the time, but they insisted and paid for it all. The trip ended up being Europe and a cruise on the Nile River in Egypt. It was a few years later Ken passed away…so now the four are down to two. I have had some very close friends in my life, and I rank Ken (and Mike) at the top.

A Turtle’s History

Ken first performed with the Chorale in the October 1989 production “A PERFECT 10” at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center.

He sang with the Chorale through October 1991.

Ken returned to the Chorale in March 1994 through December 1995.

Ken served on the Advertising Sales Committee during the Chorale’s 5th season and worked on the production of these CD’s:

LET MUSIC LIVE CD — Advisor on the Live Recording on October 18, 1995

FROM THE HEART CD – Production Coordinator

TURTLE MIX CD – Production Assistant, recorded on March 11, 1995

PEACE CD – Production.

Ken passed away on February 10, 1996.

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