Larry Colyar

Born:          February 12

Died:          May 17,2016

Joined:       Feb 1980

Section:      Tenor 2

A Turtle’s Tribute:

From Michael Bell:

I just found out a few minutes ago that Larry Colyar passed away yesterday morning. Really sad to hear this. He struggled for a long time with health issues and I know he is at peace now. He was such a fighter though — lived every day as if it were his last. Very inspiring to me. I first met Larry in 1999 and thought he was a super nice guy. I’m glad to have known him these past 17 years. RIP Larry.

A Turtle’s History

From Patrick J. McCann:

Here is some additional information about Larry Colyar. Larry was a charter member of the Turtle Creek Chorale, present at the first rehearsal on Feb. 19, 1980. He was a Tenor II, whose first concert was “Psalms of Our Own Time” on May 18, 1980. His final performance was “Pops ’87!” in June 1987. Thus he sang under the first three artistic directors of the TCC.

Besides his musical activities, Larry was also a member of the Board of Directors during the 3rd, 4th, & 6th seasons and served as the TCC librarian during the 4th season. Larry Colyar was also a member of one of the original TCC small groups, “The Madrigals” and performed with them in three different concerts “Texas Countdown…150” and “Jubilate!” in 1985 and “Intermezzo” in 1986.

Larry was also active in the local Mac users group Apple Corps of Dallas, and you may have seen him at their meetings as well. Though he hadn’t sung with us in almost 20 years, he had been attending recent TCC concert.


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