Logan Krewe

Born:                 May 28,1966
Died:                 June 25, 2021

Turtle Years:   1996-1999
Section:            Tenor 1

A Turtle’s Tribute:

A Turtle’s History

Logan Krewe (Tony Blowers)

First Performance – A Gershwin Explosion March 1996
Last Performance – Bustin Our Buttons June 1999

Played the part of a flying Monkey in the Wizard of Oz 1997

In his own Words : ALUMNI REPORT – December 2004

About Alumni in 2004: Well after traveling the world for past 5 years,
modeling professionally, and legally changing my name (Logan Krewe) I’ve
planted myself back home here in Dallas (Kessler Park) & am now on the
upside of a 10 month cancer battle.

About Alumni in TCC: I’d never felt a greater sense of family & love as I did
with TCC. Traveling the world having people fall at our feet, weeping, was
beyond humbling. Memories of my first retreat were by far the funniest. Ask
Tim Seelig or Tim Blanchard for details.

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