Mark Parker

Born:              March 7,1962

Died:               June 08,2016

Joined TCC:   1994

Section:           Bass

A Turtle’s Tribute:

He was born March 7, 1962 and died June 8, 2016. He was a bass in the TCC from Aug. 1, 1994 until June 30, 2009.  He performed in 66 concerts, never missing one his entire tenure. He was a member of One Achord from 2003-2005, of ENCORE! from 2002-2008, of the Chamber Chorus from 2002-2007. Mark rejoined the TCC Feb. 23, 2o13, and remained a member through the rest of the season. However, during this short return he did not sing in any concerts nor was he able to attend many rehearsals because of health issues.

His first performance was “Betty, Broadway, and the Boys” in Oct. 1994; his last was “Celebrate America” in June 2009. For many years he functioned as “Office Coordinator,” succeeding Paul Meyers. Mark held no elected offices but served as the bass ASL, as they are now called, from 1998-2001, and then again from 2002-2006. He achieved Terrapin status in the 2007-2008 season.

Here is an excerpt from an ENCORE? program in 2001-2002: “Mark Parker, (Bass), has sung in the bass section of the Turtle Creek Chorale for eight years.  He is the bass Administrative Section Leader and works full time on the Turtle Creek Chorale Staff as Office Coordinator.  He also works as Administrative Assistant for The Women’s Chorus of Dallas.  Mark has enjoyed singing in ENCORE! for the past three years.  Music is his life.  He has no free time.  Note: Mark sang “Moonshine Lullaby” as a solo in this concert.”

He was the TCC Featured Spotlight member in June 2007. Here is what was written:”Mark Parker, Office Coordinator remembers one day in June at a Tuesday night rehearsal when Paul Meyers, then Office Coordinator of the Turtle Creek Chorale, announced that he was moving to California.  Mark remembers everyone was sad to see him go.  “After that rehearsal, I came up and hugged him and whispered in his ear, ‘I will miss you so much and I want your job.’  I petitioned the board chair and Tim and convinced them that they should keep a singing member in the position of Office Coordinator instead of hiring a non-singing member.”  Thus began Mark’s full time life at the Turtle Creek Chorale.

Now Mark’s entire day is filled with the Turtle Creek Chorale.  And what a day!  “Not only do I provide administrative support for TCC membership and the Board of Directors and maintain the office, but I also get to be in an environment surrounded by music.”  Mark shared some special memories about how the office usually revolves around singing.  “There’s the time we pulled together a quartet of office staff to sing holiday carols at the Adams Mark Hotel lobby.  I remember the numerous years that we hopped in the car to carpool to the Adolphus Hotel during the holidays and go for barbeque at Sammy’s afterwards.”  Mark also recalls a very personal situation that was emphasized when the staff first heard Sing for the Cure in Tim’s office.  “After my bout with cancer, it was pretty powerful.  I remember Tim rubbing my shoulders and the staff hugging me.  I remember Mona always being here.  And to this day,seven years later, I am still excited about each new experience as a TCC staff member.”

Mark also shares the path of being a singing member prior to being on staff.

A Turtle’s History

Thirteen years ago in 1994, Mark first joined the Chorale.  He has served as the Bass Administrative Section Leader for seven years.  Mark has also been a member of Chamber Chorus, One Accord, and ENCORE!  On the “Turtles Only” website, there are over thirty Featured Performances noted for Mark in his thirteen years with the Chorale.”

His featured performances in 66 concerts were legion:

1. HOLIDAYS OF THE FUTURE – December 1995 – sang “Christmas Fits” with ENCORE! and the Acafellas, sang “Santa-ma-jazz” with ENCORE!

2. ON OUR OWN – October 1996 – sang “Nu Words” with the Acafellas

3. SIMPLY CHRISTMAS THROUGH THE EYES OF A CHILD – December 1996 – sang “Marvelous Toy” with the Acafellas

4. FEELIN’ GROOVY – June 1997 – sang “Happy Together” with the Acafellas

5. GRAMMY! A ROCKIN’ CELEBRATION – December 1997 – sang “Conditor Alme Siderum” with the Acafellas

6. OSCAR! – March 1998 – sang with the Acafellas

7. TONY! – June 1998 – sang “The Sound of Music”/”Do Re Mi” from The Sound of Music with the Acafellas

8. A NEW DAY – December 1999 – played the part of a G.I. Joe

9. “B” BELLS, BOWS AND BANGLES – December 2000 – sang “What if…’I Saw Mommy'” with ENCORE! and played Bob Cratchitt in The Brady Bunch part of St Nick at Night

10. THE FA LA LA FOLLIES – December 2002 – sang “Santa’s Shop Is Jumpin'” as a solo and played a Reindeer

11. FRIENDS WITH DANNY WRIGHT – February 2003 – As a member of Chamber Chorus, sang “Aria In Classic Style”; sang back-up to Reed Hoke’s solo of “In Time We Met” from Phantom Immortal; sang back-up to Richard York’s solo of “Do You Live? Do You Love?”; sang back-up to Sam Bass’ solo of “You Move In Beauty” and sang “Handfull of Keys” with ENCORE!

12. A MUSIC LOVER’S GUIDE TO THE UNIVERSE – March 2003 – Sang “Out of This World” with ENCORE!

13. TWO WORLDS CD – sang as part of a back-up group to Tim Seelig’s solos on the CD

14. CELESTIAL CD – Sang “The Us of Me” with Chamber Chorus – recorded June 2003

15.THE SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES – THE MUSIC OF ELTON JOHN – June 2003 – Sang “Daniel” with ENCORE!, sang back up with ENCORE! to Denise Lee’s solo of “My Strongest Suit” and played the part of Simba in “Hakuna Matata”

16.MAKIN’ A LIST…CHECKIN’ IT TWICE! – December 2003 – sang back-up with ENCORE! to solo of “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”

17. PORGY AND BESS – February 2004 – Accompanied The Schollmaier Artist Certificate Scholars and Friends in Concert as a member of the Chamber Chorus

18. CLASSICAL SERENADE – March 2004 – sang “Standchen (Serenade)” as a member of Chamber Chorus and sang with “One Achord” in the premiere performance of this new combined chorus

19. KTCC RADIO HOUR – June 2004 – Sang the “Andrew’s Sister Medley as a member of ENCORE! and sang a portion of the “Train Medley (Chattanooga Choo Choo; Choo Choo Ch’Boogie)” as a solo

20. JOURNEY CD – June 2004 – sang “The Circles of Our Lives”, “The Vagabond” and “A Choral Fanfare” as a member of Chamber Chorus; sang “We Need Our Dreams”, “Harriet Tubman”, “Stand By Me” and I Ain’t Afraid” as a member of ENCORE! and sang “No Words” as a member of One Achord.

21. Performed live as a member of ENCORE! on KERA-TV during their annual subscription drive in August 2004.

22. FESTIVE FLASHBACKS – December 2004 – performed “It Was A Very Good Year – 1980” with ENCORE!

23. TWENTY-FIFTH ANNIVERSARY CONCERT – February 2005 – sang back up to solos of “Middle Child” and “I Do” as a member of ENCORE!

24. FOREVER PLAID – June 2005 – As a member of ENCORE! sang “The Catering Drill/She Loves You”, “Mercury” and as backup singer to Mark Hawkins solo of “Lady of Spain”.

25. MUSIC, MAGIC & WISHES COME TRUE – October 2005 – one of five soloists singing “Animation Spectacular”

26. STILL DREAMING OF A WHITE CHRISTMAS – December 2005 – sang “We Need Snow For Christmas” as a member of ENCORE!, sang “Insubordinate Claus” as a member of ENCORE! as back up to Denise Lee’s Solo and sang “The Sleigh” as a member of Chamber Chorus

27. SONGS OF OUR NATION – April 2006 – A a member of ENCORE! sang “Harriett Tubman”, “What A Game” and “Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist” and sang backup to David Moldenhauer’s solo of “Mockingbird Sings” as a member of Chamber Chorus

28. TURTLES ON THE BAYOU WITH THE GAY MEN’S CHORUS OF HOUSTON – June 2006 – featured as a member of ENCORE! in “The Great State Of Texas Medley”

29. TURTLES & TUNA – June 2006 – sang “Don’t Forget The Guns” as a member of ENCORE!

30. TURTLES & TUNA DVD – July 2006 – sang “Don’t Forget The Guns” as a member of ENCORE!

31. FAMILY – PIPES AND DRUMS – December 2006 – sang “The Annoying Drummer Boy” and “Gloria” with ENCORE!

32. SERENADE CD – May 2007 – Sang with other TCC members in the recording session for the Serenade CD at the Meyerson in January 2007

33. FABULOUS FAVORITES – June 2007 – As a member of ENCORE! sang in the “Caffeine Polka” skit

34. GENERATION 2 GENERATION – October 2007 – sang “Show Tunes!” as a member of ENCORE!

35. CHILDREN WILL LISTEN – Sang in “Cowboy Kislev” as a member of ENCORE!

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