Matthew P. Seckman

Born:                 July 08,1959
Died:                 June 24, 2004

Turtle Years:   1994 – 2003
Section:            Tenor I/Tenor II

A Turtle’s Tribute:

Matt was born July 8, 1959 in Peoria, Illinois. He was a 1977 graduate of Kennedy High School and a 1981 graduate of Luther College.

He was an accountant with P & O Cold Logistics in Dallas.

Matt passed away on June 24,2004 at Parkland Hospital in Dallas.

From David Flemming : Matt and I met in April 2002. He was my best friend even though I wasn’t his, but he never let me think anything different. I always thought that was odd, but when I read Dr.Seeligs’ tribute to John Thomas I knew it was ok.

Since I am a Bass 2, I only heard his singing voice one time. That was at the 2002 Christmas Concert when the Tenor 1s were put beside the choir 2 bass 2s. Oh my gosh, what a beautiful voice he had.

Matt was also a Strangerette in the 2002 Dallas Pride Parade.

We always knew when we could be brutally honest with each other and when to be nice and tell each other little white lies(David: Does this tux make me look fat? Matt: Of course not precious, you look fabulous!) Matt never did like the fact that all I listened to in my car was WRR. When he would babysit my car he would always take it out for a drive, smoke in it, and change the radio to some station that played heavy rock. Of course, he was always ready to go to the movies on the weekend or rent DVDs and pop popcorn.

In his last days, I always made sure to go to his hospital room and tell him all the news and gossip I could remember. Before he lost consciousness he told me he loved me and I told him I loved him. Those were our last words to each other.

Matt Seckman was my best friend. I will miss him forever.

From Scott Mathews – TCC 1995-2000 – I was deeply saddened to hear of Matt Seckman’s recent passing. Matt, Gene Lefler, Keith Lasley, and I spent a lot of time together in the mid-to-late 1990s, and Matt became one of my closest friends and confidants.

He consoled me over my unrequited infatuation with a shared mutual friend. We talked on the phone daily and met for coffee or dinner several times a week. He was always full of witty, evil gossip that he was only too happy to share. Wherever he is now, I know he’s plotting some kind of celestial mischief to amaze and mystify us mere mortals.

David Flemming’s story about Matt borrowing his car reminds me of the time I loaned Matt a nearly-new pickup truck to drive for a few months while he was without a car. It came back to me covered with dents on both sides that Matt claimed must have happened “just the night before when the garbage truck came by”. Matt was such an adorable little pixie that I just had to let the story go. Rather than trying to sell the beat-up hulk, I donated it to the TCC, which got about $4000 in auction proceeds for it.
That was Matt: going through the world doing good in spite of himself.

I love you, Matt, and I’ll always miss you. To quote Shakespeare, “Good night, Sweet Prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.”

At the time of his death, Matt was survived by his mother, Flo Seckman Kruger and husband Jim of Cedar Rapids; a brother, Mark Seckman of Cedar Rapids; a sister, Karen Eddy and husbend Don of Kansas City; and a niece, MacKenzie Seckman.

Matt was preceded in death by his father, Phillip Seckman; and his grandparents, Cecil and Helen Seckman and Donald and Irene Carlile.

A Turtle’s History

Matt joined the Chorale in January 1994. His first performance was in the “United We Sing” Concert in March 1994. His final performance with the Chorale was in “The Fa La La Follies: The 2002 holiday concert.