Maurice Edens

Born:                July 2, 1923
Died:                June 15, 2009

Turtle Years:   1988 – 1993
Section:            Board of Directors

A Turtle’s Tribute:

A Turtle’s History

The Rev. R. Maurice Edens of Georgetown, formerly of Dallas, died June 15, 2009. Born in San Antonio on July 2, 1923, his life path took him from Texas to North Carolina, California and New York, concluding in Georgetown, Texas.

Edens was ordained as a clergy member in The United Methodist Church. He served his church through his leadership, creativity, resourcefulness and sensitivity as both a director of Christian Education and as an executive minister, and he served he ecumenical groups in the communities where he lived.

Edens retired from the ministry in 1983 after serving at Lovers Lane United Methodist Church, and lived in Dallas until the late 1990s. He entered in holy union with his partner, Elliott Tucker on Oct. 12, 1985 in a ceremony held at Metropolitan Community Church of Dallas and performed by the Rev. Don Eastman.

Edens also volunteered as a counselor with the Gayline hotline during the mid-to-late 1980s. He was president of the Lakewood Social Club in the 1980s and on the Board of the Turtle Creek Chorale in 1990s. He is survived by his companion of 25 years, Elliott Tucker; his first companion, Martha Edens Clark, his brother Lloyd, nephew and nieces and numerous friends across the country.

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