Maurice Griffin

Born:                August 21,1958
Died:                November 30,2014

Turtle Years:  1998-2008

Section:            Baritone

A Turtle’s Tribute:

Today at approximately 11:30 AM, Maurice Griffin lost his battle with
pancreatic cancer. He died peacefully as I held him in my arms and he held
my hand tight. He was one of a kind a will be greatly missed. I love you Moe.
Let your spirit fly free from all pain and suffering. You will live on in my heart.

Jack Mion on Facebook

August 21, 1958 – November 30, 2014

[Griffin, Jr., Maurice R.]

Maurice R. Griffin, Jr. was born August 21, 1958, in Omaha, Nebraska, and passed away peacefully in Dallas, Texas, on November 30, 2014.

For the past two years, almost to the day, he fought a courageous battle against pancreatic cancer. During that time, he maintained his dignity and courage vowing to not give up the fight. He never did. Fate took a cruel turn and robbed him from our lives far too soon and at an age way too young. At his side, holding his hand and hugging him close was his closest of friends, and partner, Jack Mion.

Maurice was unique. He had a strong set of values, and in spite of the pressures around him, he stayed the course, never changing and always true to himself. He saw wonder in everything, from a simple blade of grass to the vastness of the universe. When visiting New York City for a performance in Carnegie Hall a few years ago,he was totally amazed that the city sidewalks actually sparkled under his feet! Standing in the middle of Times Square, he was paralyzed in awe at what he saw in the center of the theatrical universe.

Yet, he was a humble person. Pretense was not in his vocabulary. He never asked for nor expected gifts from anyone, but he treasured even the simplest of things bequest upon him. No holiday ever passed without him taking time to send out cards to the many friends, acquaintances, and relatives he had listed in his burgeoning address  book!

His honesty was beyond reproach.  It was almost impossible to do a favor for Maurice as he felt that in some way he was obligated to repay it.

And his smile! It captured everyone. No one could dislike him. He had no enemies, or at least none that were of his doing. He knew the power of forgiveness and was free to offer it when necessary. It was impossible to dislike Maurice Griffin. His wit and humor was remarkable, he could always make people smile or laugh regardless of the circumstances. Whoever met Maurice, made a friend for life.

He was frugal, yet rich. He owned no more than 3 automobiles over  his entire lifetime and cherished each and every one of them. They, like everything else in his life became an important part of who he was. His collection of Star Trek memorabilia is amazing; his love for theatre and the stage was immense. His home, “The Little Hobbit House of Love” was just that, a collection of things he acquired over the years representing some of the many aspects of life; it is a living museum. And it is from those things that he acquired his riches: finding value in all things and respecting them whether large or small, living or otherwise. Everything held real value for him, nothing could be squandered.

Maurice believed in the power of the Universe and the Goddess. Yet, he reconciled all this and resolved his concerns with the Church. Only as Maurice could do, he could make sense of all of them. He believed in the light and now he lives it.

Maurice leaves behind his friend, companion, and partner, Jack, a sister, Mary Ann, two brothers, Johnny and Bobby, and a host of nieces, nephews, and in-laws, not to mention the hundreds of lives he has touched quite literally, world wide. Also, equally and every bit as important, he leaves behind his faithful companion of the last 10 years, his beloved Golden Retriever, Rex.  He will be missed dearly. We were all privileged to have known him. He was gentle, genuine, and real.

Maurice left us all a legacy: kindness; I know the only thing that he would ask of us now is to be kind to one another. It’s that simple. A humble request with powerful meaning.

Per his wishes, his ashes will be spread at Winfrey Point, at White Rock Lake on a date to be announced in the upcoming spring.

Maurice, we love you and will see you again on the other side.  Blessed be.

Anyone wishing to make contributions in Maurice’s name, may do so to the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research; 100% of contributions go directly to research as all administrative costs are absorbed by a totally separate grant. One of Maurice’s hopes was that others might benefit from the struggle he has endured; it should not be in vain. Or, you may contribute to any pet kindness organization of your choice.

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