Michael Duane Locke

Born:                May 30, 1965
Died:                Nov. 12, 2007

Turtle Years:   1990-1993
Section:             Baritone

A Turtle’s Tribute:

Michael Duane Locke was born May 30, 1965 in Lakeland, Fl. He died Nov. 12, 2007 in Palm Springs, Riverside Co., CA. He lived all over the place. and his ashes were spread on the black sand beach in Maui, HI. Here in Dallas he lived with recently deceased TCC member Thomas W. Faucett in Oak Cliff.

Michael and I became friends via TCC and for most of my life in Dallas were very close friends. He moved to Atlanta, LA, San Francisco and back to LA in a span of several years where I had last spoken to him. Our lives took different paths starting around 2004 and sadly it took a toll on our friendship though we remained friends. The last I spoke to Michael he called me in 2005 when I was literally leaving Dallas to move to North Carolina with the Dallas skyline still in my rear view mirror. We spoke for about 20 minutes and with regret it would be the last time I would hear from him. 

I lost touch with Michael while starting anew in NC and several years ago I started trying to find where he was when I stumbled across a date of death. I don’t know the details of his passing but Michael had been fighting with HIV for many years so I am guessing it was from complications. I have recently requested information from the County on his death as it is my hope to find his final resting place and offer my last respects as I owe him at least that much for the time we shared together. 

For those that were in TCC during the 90’s I believe most will remember Michael as the one who got up during rehearsal announcements with a “small” list and then dropped a large scroll of paper to read from. He was incredibly handsome and I do miss the friendship we had.” – Joe Garza

A Turtle’s History

Michael joined the TCC on Oct. 1, 1990 as a baritone.

He sang for four consecutive seasons for a total of nine (9) concerts.

His first performance was “I’m Dreaming of a What Christmas?” in Dec. 1990.

His last performance was “A Roamin’ Holiday” in Dec. 1993.

He had one featured role, that of a Hawaiian native.

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  1. Ed Cieslak
    Ed Cieslak says:

    I knew Michael well in 1988 in Lakeland. I will not go into details, but this news makes me sad.
    RIP my friend! ♡



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