Michael J. Marshall

Born:                February 19,1954
Died:                 August 24,1997

Turtle Years:   1988-1989 & 1994-1997
Section:            Bass

A Turtle’s Tribute:

Mike was born in Brevard, North Carolina on February 19, 1954. He grew up all over the country. His father was a traveling minister, and they moved quite often. New Mexico and West Texas were big stops, until the finally setteled in Huntington, West Virginia in the 1960’s.

By His Son, Ryan Marshall:

I ran across this, and thought I could add a few words. I knew Michael Marshall better than anyone. He was my best friend, my role model, my source of information, advice, and most importantly my father. I loved him greatly and miss him terribly.

The two greatest things my dad loved were music and old cars. God only knows how many miles we traveled just to drive and listen to music. He provided me with a love of music, life and family I cherish everyday. We traveled the country together, and those will always be some of my best memories.

He was truly a free spirit. Planning was just not a high priority. Things just always fell into place. He taught me how I SHOULD live my life, truly loving every day. I rarely saw him get mad, which I now realize is a true test for the father of a teenager.

He served proudly in the United States Air Force, and loved that fact. Afterwards, he earned his degree from Texas A&M, and was always honored to be called an Aggie. I still remember Saturday games at Kyle Field, watching bonfires, and after he moved to Dallas watching A&M play in the Cotton Bowl.

We could talk about anything, and always could get into a good political debate. Myself being a diehard Republican, and my dad… we not. He died when I was 18. Not a day goes by that I do not think about him.

His first granddaughter was born on January 10th of this year, and I regret she will never know him. But she will know of him, and what a wonderful man he continues to be in my life.

By Randy Culbreth:

The first time I ever met Mike, my spouse, David Bassett and I were driving around looking at houses. David said “Look. There’s Mike Marshall up in a tree!” And sure enough, Mike was way up in a tree cutting off tree limbs.

Mike was ALWAYS working on projects. Mike and I got to be very close friends. Mike, his son, and I built a two story garage together one summer…and it survived the first strong gust of wind and still stands today. Mike and my birthday were close together and always celebrated along with many of our friends.

Mike was the person who was with me at the time when I first learned of my own diagnosis. I consider myself fortunate to have had Mike as one of my best friends.

Mike died August 24, 1997. His ashes were spread over the beautiful mountains of Northern New Mexico.

A Turtle’s History

Mike first performed with the Chorale in “BACH TO BACH (J.S. to P.D.Q)” in March 1988 at El Centro College, Dallas, Texas. He sang with the Chorale through June 1997.

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