Norman Lowery

Born:                June 24, 1946
Died:                July 7, 1986

Turtle Years:   1980-1986
Section:            Baritone

A Turtle’s Tribute:

Norman was a school teacher and active in the Unitarian Church. That is how I met him, in 1981. Norman believed in human rights, however, he stayed closeted at his job…It was another era.

He cherished good food and wine, his handle bar mustache that was at least 6 inches from end to end, singing in the TCC and in the church choir and of course MEN! He prided himself on his excellent judgment. When Jeanne and I came to Dallas he was one of the group that took us under his wing and showed us the world according to Norman. Which was the one that counted!

When Norman started getting sick, he withdrew to keep his secret. He said he got a disease while on vacation. We let him believe that we believed. AIDS was new. Norman said he would never go out with those kinds of people. He was unaware the same way the rest of us were.

A Turtle’s History

Norman first performed with the Chorale in October 1980. He sang with the Chorale through March 1986.

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