Patrick J. (Pat) McCann, Jr.

Born:                 August 28,1943
Died:                 March 26, 2021

Turtle Years:   1985-2020
Section:            Bass

A Turtle’s Tribute:

TCC Featured Member – August 2004 – Bass Section – Pat McCann

This month our most recent inductee as a TCC LIFE MEMBER, Pat McCann, is featured. Pat joined the
Chorale in September 1985. The story involves Don Essmiller, one of the TCC founders, who at that time served as the organist at Holy Trinity RC Church where Pat was playing and singing in the guitar mass choir. Don was hanging a poster for an upcoming TCC concert on a church bulletin board. Pat asked him about the TCC and said he wanted to audition, saying he was looking for something more substantial
than a church choir in which to sing. TCC seemed to fill the bill. Obviously it has done just that for the last 19 years.

In almost twenty years, Pat has served on numerous committees, some of which meet regularly and some sporadically. He has been a “big buddy” for several years, which has always been a joy. This is a sort of mentor/mentee relationship for anyone who is a New Member. And those who have been his
“little buddy” have expressed great appreciation over the years for Pat’s good guidance. Lately, Pat has been making CD versions of very old cassette recordings of some of the early concerts, which will make the historic music files that much more valuable. Another interesting task undertaken not too
long ago was doing some translations on a Latin text for a piece yet to be composed.

When asked what his most memorable event was in his time with the Chorale, not one, but several thoughts came to mind for Pat. “First, the sheer emotion as a singer. Then recording and performing When We No Longer Touch is what I will remember most. But the shock I felt when Dr. Seelig presented me the Artistic Director’s Award and when I learned this year of my nomination as a “Life Member” were signal events as well.”

So, what would Pat tell a New Member?
“It’s been said before, but it bears repeating: Get involved! That doesn’t mean burn out. It doesn’t mean
audition for everything. It doesn’t mean join every committee, but in an organization as large as ours, there is always something to do. You will be amazed at how much you can learn just sitting on a floor stuffing envelopes.”

Pat says he has always been a behind-the-scenes kind of member, if left to his own preferences. “It always amazes me, therefore, when newer members ask me for advice because I just don’t see myself in that
role of wisdom dispenser.” Nonetheless, this seems to point to a tremendous strength of the Chorale. This is an organization where the soloists and all the singers get a chance to shine in their own ways. It has certainly worked for Pat to view himself in this way and at the same time to be so honored for his
contributions over the years.

When Pat is not at the Chorale, he is a teacher. “And any teacher knows the job doesn’t end when the kids leave. So, mine doesn’t either. Also, I spend a lot of spare time working on genealogy projects.” In his household the landscape includes a multi-pet, two-musician whirlpool of mayhem. “If you want to see a very neat, superbly maintained, highly controlled, decorated to the max kind of home, do not visit Thom and me.” Both of them have teaching jobs and Thom has an opera career. There are two dogs, one cat, aquariums, a huge yard and many plants, so they rarely have time to kickback and relax. Pat continues optimistically, “But thin are getting better: it used to be three dogs and four cats. As a plus, there is always music in our

As the Turtle Creek Chorale begins our TWENTY-FIFTH SEASON, Pat is about to begin his 20th year with the TCC. “That’s a third of my life! Such was never my intention, but it has become a reality, without my really noticing it. TCC has been a constant in my life. In the last two years, the TCC has accorded me two
great honors; TCC has been a constant source of joy and personal fulfillment to me for those same 19 years. God willing, we will continue the relationship for some years to come!”

A Turtle’s History

TCC’S Historian

First Concert:
Bravo!, September 1985

Last Concert:
40 Years of Fa La La 2019

Office Held :
10th season – Vice President
10th season – Member of Board of Directors

23rd, 24th & 25th Seasons -Membership Committee
24th & 25th Seasons – Historian Committee
24th & 25th Seasons – Performance Committee
24th & 25th Seasons – Travel Committee
24th & 25th Seasons – Personnel Committee
27th Season – Artistic Director Search Committee
27th Season – Heartland Men’s Chorus Event Committee

Feature Performance

MAGIC! – December 1992 – played a part in the Santa Polka Skit
MOVIES – June 1993 – was a dancer in “The Monks” and was “Groucho Marx” in the Concert Finale
THE WIZARD OF OZ – October 1993 – played Uncle Henry
BLAST FROM THE PAST & BEST FROM THE FUTURE – December 1994 – played Clarinet in the Sugar
Plum Jam Band and played a Monk
GRAMMY! A ROCKIN’ CELEBRATION – December 1997 – played Clarinet in the Sugar Plum Band and
played a Monk
“B” BELLS, BOWS AND BANGLES – December 2000 – sang “What If… ‘A Little Christmas Music'” with Vox
Tortoise; played Mr Howell (Joseph) in the Gilligan’s Island part of St. Nick At Night and played a part in
The Manger Polka
FRIENDS WITH DANNY WRIGHT – Fe bruary 2003 – As a member of Chamber Chorus, sang “Aria In
Classic Style”; sang back-up to Reed Hoke’s solo of “In Time We Met” from Phantom Immortal; sang back-
up to RichardYork’s solo of “Do You Live? Do You Love?” and sang back-up to Sam Bass’ solo of “You
Move In Beauty”
TWO WORLDS CD – sang as part of a back-up group to Tim Seelig’s solos on the CD
CELESTIAL CD – Sang “The Us of Me” with Chamber Chorus – recorded June 2003
PORGY AND BESS – February 2004 – Accompanied The Schollmaier Artist Certificate Scholars and Friends
in Concert as a member of One Achord
STILL DREAMING OF A WHITE CHRISTMAS – December 2005 – sang “The Sleigh” as a member of
Chamber Chorus
SONGS OF OUR NATION – April 2006 – sang backup to David Moldenhauer’s solo of “Mockingbird Sings”
as a member of Chamber Chorus
TURTLES AND TUNA – June 2006 – played an Accordion in the “Tuna High Jaguars Marching Band” during
the Finale
SERENADE CD – May 2007 – Sang with other TCC members in the recording session for the Serenade
CD at the Meyerson in January 2007
FABULOUS FAVORITES – June 2007 – played the Accordion in the band in the “Strike Up The Band” finale

Other Notes
He and other Turtle Creek Chorale members joined with members from the Fort Worth Men’s Chorus, White Rock Community Church Choir, The Women’s Chorus of Dallas, the Community at-large and the Black Tie
Dinner Orchestra to perform at the 22nd annual Black Tie Dinner held on November 8, 2003 in the Wyndham Anatole Trinity Ballroom in Dallas.

They performed the “Opening – The Evolution of a Dream” and “The Black Tie Anthem World Premiere”
24th Season – awarded a Life Membership Sponsored “A Cup Of Christmas Tea” on the Annie’s Songs CD released in September 2004.

7 replies
  1. Gary Williams
    Gary Williams says:

    Pat has always been a pillar of the Chorale and as a Historian of this organization, he has helped us all moved forward with a fuller and more comprehensive knowledge of exactly where we’ve been, how we got there and why we’ve moved forward as we have!!! Thank you Pat McCann…you are loved and will be sorely missed!

  2. Scott Adams
    Scott Adams says:

    I was fortunate enough to be roommates with Tom and Chuck Gibson at
    Gala 2008 Denver Co.
    I had known Tom for a good while but this trip I was able to see inside this most marvelous creature. He loved and laughed with everyone he knew! What great attributes to have. Sing with the angels my brother.

  3. Marlan Smith
    Marlan Smith says:

    Mr McCann was the epitome of what I believed the Turtle Creek Chorale to be. He shared his knowledge and friendship freely and provided much support and encourage when needed. I feel honored and privileged to have known him. His life and accomplishments amazed me and his humility continues to inspire me. He was truly one of a kind and will be missed tremendously.

  4. John F Connell
    John F Connell says:

    When I joined the Chorale in January 2004 Pat along with Don dureau and Rusty Allen became my mainstays in the bass section. I could always lean on them to help interpret Tim Seelig’s often double entendres as well as important musical tips. As the years went on I became closer friends with Pat … phone calls, birthday parties at he and Thom’s place as well as having them participate in events at my place. I had a wonderful one on one lunch with Pat in March 2019 the last time I visited Dallas. We shared laughs, concerns and the usual TCC gosip! I spoke live (phone) with Pat in early February and a month later March 2 he messaged me his terminal diagnosis. Pat was the institutional knowledge of the TCC and will be missed for that but for me I miss his wit, smile, chuckle and spirit. Let it be said “He left his mark!”

  5. Thom J Hawkins
    Thom J Hawkins says:

    Thank you TCC. I was so privileged to be a “spouse” and witness all those many years of wonderful performances and celebrations. So many of you have meant so much to me throughout the years. Singing in the Chorale was one of Pat’s greatest joys, and i know he helped spread that joy to all of you as well.
    Thom Hawkins

  6. Carol Zeien
    Carol Zeien says:

    I just learned of Pats passing and am greatly saddened. Pat was extremely helpful with the genealogy of my family. Pat and I are 2nd cousins in the McCann family. He taught me a great deal about genealogy., for which I am thankful. Once he sent me a CD of the chorale music of which he was most proud. It is beautiful. He is greatly missed.
    Carol Zeien


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