Rick  Alford

Born:                         July 13,1960

Died:                         December 08, 1995

Turtle Years:          1990-1992

Section:                   Tenor II

A Turtle’s Tribute:

From Robert Jones:

I met Rick one Sunday morning in April 1993. I walked into White Rock Community Church and found a vacant spot near the front. I asked this tall skinny blond guy if anyone was sitting next to him. He looked up and down my Sunday suit, smiled and said, “You Are!” Our pew was packed so we were forced to share a hymnal. During the first verse, I noticed that he had an amazing voice so I naturally started harmonizing with him. People began to turn just to see who was making all that joyful noise. About 10 minutes later, we were asked to join hands with those next to us during the prayer. Once the amen was voiced, I turned to this singing man and whispered, “If we’re going to be hymn singing together and holding hands, we should know each other’s names.” Shortly after we met, I became the pianist of White Rock Church where Rick sang in the choir. About a year later he became the choir director. 

Eventually Rick and I went on a date, then another one, and then another… We had a wonderful spring romance that carried us into the summer. By November we were looking for a house to move into. We continued to make music together for three years.

He taught me so much… He showed me that in order to have 7 full sized Christmas Trees, you needed to start putting them up the day after Halloween. He taught me that Christmas was not a day, but a season. He taught me how to do yard work every Saturday… Since then, I’ve forgotten that little chore! He taught me that it’s always best to sing from your heart.

His mom and dad, his brother Jerry, and his friend Carla were with me when Rick died at home on December 8, 1995. What a sweet time for him to enter into God’s presence! He loved Christmas and everything that went along with the season. Each year since his death, White Rock Community Church bestows the “Rick Alford Award of Excellence” to an outstanding choir member for their dedication and contribution to the WRCC Choir.

Rick wrote and composed many Christian and Christmas songs. He was able to record five songs in a studio on cassette tape. Recently, I was able to transfer the recordings onto a C.D. I’m hoping that “From the Heart” will be released before December 2004. Thank you Turtle Creek Chorale for providing this opportunity to tell people about all the voices that were silenced too soon yet live on in so many memories.

This Turtle Sponsored by: Reed Hoke & Robert Huneke

A Turtle’s History

Rick was a member of the Chorale from 1990 to 1992. His first performance was in “Voices of Life” in February 1990. Rick’s last performance with TCC was in the March 1992 production of Ooh La La! and Sha Na Na!

He was featured in these two programs:

FROM THE HEART May 1990 – sang a solo of “Silent Noon”

A NIGHT AT OKTOBERFEST – October 1990 – sang with the Small Group in “Festgesang An Die Kunsder” 

Rick was a Volunteer with the Chorale from June 1992 through December 1992.

Rick passed away on December 8, 1995.

At the time of his death, he was survived by his mom and dad, Wesley and Kitty Coates, five brothers and sisters, Wayne, Michael T., Jerry, Nancy, and Terry, and his partner, Robert Jones, Jr. Also, several nieces and nephews along with a huge circle of friends. Memorial services were held December 10, 1995 at White Rock Community Church.

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