Bob Helm

Born:                December 5, 1952
Died:                 December 9, 2018

Turtle Years:    1982-1991
Section:             Bass

A Turtle’s Tribute:

Robert William (Bob) Helm, age 66.

Bob was born in Toledo, OH in 1952 and attended Bowling Green State University. He died Dec. 9 in Dallas. A memorial service was held for Bob  Saturday, Jan. 12, in Luckey, OH.

Bob, a former Air Force pilot and later an accountant, was a member of the TCC from his first performance in “Rhapsody” in July 1983 through his last, “Ooh La La & Sha Na Na” in March 1992, having sung 36 concerts in his TCC career. He had two featured roles, as a soloist in “POPS ’86 when he sang “I Need To Be in Love” and as a member of an octet singing “O Holy Night” in the Christmas concert of 1986.

A Turtle’s History

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