Robert Euler

Born:                July 22,1947
Died:                November 26, 1991

Turtle Years:   1989-1991
Section:            Bass

A Turtle’s Tribute:

Bob retired from Police work in Ohio, before moving to Lewisville, Tx. He was a mailman for many years. As a devoted member of the Chorale, he was a tireless worker behind the scenes and donated time and money often to specific projects. He was featured in the documentary After Goodbye: An AIDS Story, produced by KERA-TV (Channel 13).

A Turtle’s History

He sang 5 of 5 concerts in the 10th season, 4 of 4 in the 11th season, and 1 of 5 in the 12th season, he sang “La Di Da!” in October of 1991

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