Thom Gibson

Born:                November 04, 1958
Died:                September 19,1998

Turtle Years:   1991-1998
Section:            Tenor I

A Turtle’s Tribute:

A Turtle’s History

Thom first performed with the Chorale in “A NIGHT ON BROADWAY” in June 1991 at the Irving Arts Center, Irving, Texas.

During his time with the Chorale, Thom was featured in several productions as follows:

A NIGHT ON BROADWAY – June 1991 – sang “Starlight Express” as a solo MAGIC! – December 1992 – sang “A Winter Triptych” as a solo

THE WIZARD OF OZ – October 1993 – played the part of the Munchkin Coroner

UNITED WE SING – March 1994 – sang “Balm In Gilead” as a solo

THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME! – June 1994 – sang “Queen of My Double Wide Trailer”

BETTY, BROADWAY AND THE BOYS – October 1994 – sang “Soon It’s Gonna Rain” from Fantastiks with the Acafellas

BLAST FROM THE PAST & BEST FROM THE FUTURE – December 1994 – sang “Do You Hear What I Hear?” with the Acafellas

THE MILLENNIUM – October 1995 – sang “Je Le vous dirai I” with the Acafellas

HOLIDAY OF THE FUTURE – December 1995 – sang “Sleigh Ride” with the Acafellas and sang “Christmas Fits” with ENCORE and Acafellas

ON OUR OWN – October 1996 – sang “Nu Words” with the Acafellas

SIMPLY CHRISTMAS THROUGH THE EYES OF A CHILD – December 1996 – sang “Marvelous Toy” with the Acafellas

THE WIZARD OF OZ – March 1997 – played the part of the Munchkin Coronor

UNITED WE SING CD – sang “Balm In Gilead as a solo with back-up from Turtle Creek Chorale Thom sang with the Chorale through March 1998.

He passed away on September 19, 1998.

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