Tony Kuzmanich

Born:                July 24, 1931
Died:                December 19,2005

Turtle Years:   1991 – 1994
Section:            Associate

A Turtle’s Tribute:

A Turtle’s History

Tony Kuzmanich was an associate member of the Turtle Creek Chorale from 1991-1994.

He was “Head Usher” when our concerts were at the Anatole. He was a master wall upholsterer assisted in his work by his partner Charles Hodnet who has been the TCC Santa Claus for more than twenty years. Tony and Charles introduced Dr. Tim Seelig to the Turtle Creek Chorale by bringing Tim to a concert.

Tony passed away on Monday, December 19 2005. He is survived by his partner of 33 years, Charles Hodnet.

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